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Useful PDA Booklets

The new, all singing and all dancing reference booklet for clinician by the PDA Society.  This is an excellent and bang up to date booklet that has been professionally done specifically with clinicians in mind.  It is also an excellent read for any parents who are trying to improve their knowledge about PDA.


The following booklet compiled by me, prior to the release of the PDA Society booklet, is still well worth a read.  I have also included a chapter detailing my personal journey and a section explaining sensory issues.

It is about 40 pages long and I have, in the past, printed it off and put it into a presentation folder.  I would use it as a quick ‘Learn All About PDA’ tool for any professionals that were new to Mollie and new to PDA.

I have tried to reproduce a lot of the information that is already in the public domain into one handy booklet.  I hope that you find it useful. The reproduction of material used has been granted by ‘The Elizabeth Newson Centre, The NAS, George Timis and Denise Scholfield.

Please click on the link below.

PDA Booklet

Comments on: "Useful PDA Booklets" (9)

  1. Dinky's mum said:

    Gave this to the new school,

    One full day later they have put up a visual timetable and pinned the mind map to the early years notice board!

    They said it was a great resource for them!

    Thanks Jane!

    • That is fantastic news !!
      I’m so pleased that it has been of some help, no I’m not I’m bloody thrilled lol.

      I gave that booklet to education and social services to help me explain Mollie and PDA. It may be useful to take it to your appointment along with your time line of Dinky.

      I’ve just joined mumsnet bloggers and forum and I’ve noticed your name on there. We will have to stop meeting like this lol.



      • Trish aka Dinky's mum said:

        Oh I definitely plan on taking a copy along to the appointment (if I get one)!

        we really do need to stop meeting like this! lol

        again thank you for your awesome resource! I think the teacher is going to give a copy to the senco once they have finished with it. There are 2 teachers (2.5 day split) and the TA and because it is an open plan early years there are two other teachers, 2 more TAs and the head of early years that she will see on a daily basis.

        you probably do not quite realise how much coming across your blog has helped!

        BIG THANK YOU!!!! From the bottom of my heart x

      • You are more than welcome Trish aka Dinky’s mum lol

        Thank you !!!! for supporting my blog and for your lovely comments on my posts.

        Together we can make a difference and make people stop and listen to what we have to say.


  2. Hi. I am starting to run an autism spectrum resource page and I would love to blog about/link to this wonderful booklet. I didn’t want to do it without asking first, but so little is know about PDA it would help to raise awareness. Would you mind if i made a link to your page? Helen

    • Hi Helen

      Of course you can make a link to my page and please feel free to share the booklet. I have had to copyright the blog because I am currently writing a book but the booklet was meant for anyone and everyone to share.


      • Jane, Thankyou very much. I hope your book is successful too. Helen Xx Girls On Apr 12, 2014 7:48 PM, “Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome an autism

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